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Decorative Off-Grid Solar Lighting

Off-grid lighting solution

Designed for pathway and area lighting, heritage areas, large open public spaces with architectural design elements. Decorative solar lighting has been installed in many businesses, universities, docks, pathways, parks, and residential areas providing sustainable secure lighting and a visual commitment to the environment.

Ecopower LED Post Top Fixtures
Post Top Luminaire Families

K100 Series Updated to modern performance standards, these acorn luminares are aesthetically pleasing, yet extremely efficient.

K130 Series The K130 series of post top luminaires is composed of diverse designs ranging from sleek and modern to more ornate and historical.

K300 Series Possibly our most unique series aesthetically, the K300 Series offers more contemporary style designs, with superior photometric performance.

K400 Series The K400 Series has it all! From our new K428 Phoenix and K429 Orion modern styles, to the classic look of the K445 SolLux, these luminaires will add style and grace to your project.

K500 Series Along with the sleek look of the K551 Eclipse, the K580 Skyline Series is about going beyond the everyday and offering a contemporary lighting solution that will accentuate the outdoor modern space.

K600 Series Though historical in appearance, the K600 Series offers high performance optical systems with excellent spacing and low glare.

Octagonal Series The classic yet versatile look of our octagonal post top luminaires makes them a popular selection among lighting designers.

Round Globe Series This classic round globe is suitable for any architectural setting, whether historical or contemporary.