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Off-grid lighting solution

Our simple solar solution

Designed for ease of use and installation, the economical SOLO offers the convenience of a complete off-grid solar solution that has been engineered to withstand the elements and can be quickly and inexpensively installed in a variety of environments.

Our proprietary SOLO Solar LED is designed to an EPA of 110 MpH +1.3 which allows for coastal hurricane area installation. A premium product engineered by our PhDs and P.Engs, the SOLO is available in 12' to 30' designs, which include our integrated battery and PV mount. Local fixture-integrated PIR/Photo control extends autonomous battery power by up to 220%, while our 10+ year EcoLiFe LiON Power Station option outperforms all competitors for longevity and cost of ownership, and can be installed in cold environments down to -50°C (-58°F).

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PV Panel

Pole mounted PV Rack provides 90 degree horizontal and 360 degree vertical adjustment, and is custom designed to ASHTO 110+1.3 - finished to withstand North America's harshest conditions, and hurricane rated structures for coastal installations. Micro-Grid installations to maintain architectural aesthetics. Trackers are available for larger arrays where ROI warrants.

Battery Box

The battery is the heart of any solar system, and the heart of Ecopower Solar beats strong! Our competitors state their batteries last for 5 years but only give you a 2 year guarantee. EcoLiFe LiON batteries last up to 16 years and we give you a 10 year pro-rated warranty and full 5 year replacement.
Our standard LAG power pack with a 2 year warranty / 5 year pro-rated will typically provide 1400 cycles at 30% DoD.


Available in 30, 50, 80, & 90w, with integrated PIR sensor that provides photo controller, occupancy sensing and IR remote configuration (typically comes factory preset), mounted to a stub out with all wiring concealed (unless mounted on wooden pole - SOLO system only). Find out more about the SOL at Ecopower LED.

Premium area light featuing a low-profile, slimline design with a multitude of available options. Integrated PIR sensor that provids photo conotroller, occupancy sensing and IR programming capability. Find out more about the PAL at Ecopower LED.

Ecopower Solar systems are capable of powering any 12-24vDC powered fixture up to 100w. Design it with us, make it with us - contact us today!


Fixture details
Beam angle

150 x 110° Beam angle

Nema Distribution

NEMA III Standard


Aluminum Arm

Ecopower IconPOLE provides a wide variety of slipfitters, standard and custom arms, plumbizers, and advertising poles.

Designers and architects - custom fabrication is available for your desgins.


Our engineers have standardized on a 4.5" round pole with a quarter wall that provides the largest flexibility in application, providing over a 10 EPA at ASHTO 110 +1.3 Gusts.


May installed be on any wooden pole; all options can be added but wiring is done on surface of pole with T4 quick connects from SOLOG2 to fixture.


Our poles are coated using a 13 part process that ensures the utmost durability without harming the environment. No NOx or SOx are emitted or present in the final product. The EcoDuraCoat option coats the inside of the pole with a high-yield polyurethane powder and adds a clear protective layer on the exterior wihcih protects the pole from corrosive agents such as airborne particulate and road salts. Concrete, fibreglass, and plastic poles are available as custom orders. For pricing and design, contact solar@ecopowerinc.com or visit the EcoPOLE website.

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